What to Expect for Ginny & Georgia Season 2

Will Ginny & Georgia season 2 ever happen? Critics have mixed opinions about the drama series, which follows a single mother who makes questionable life decisions while raising her two kids. Ginny & Georgia season 1 does indeed end with a cliffhanger, albeit one that’s relatively minor when compared to other Netflix shows.

Ginny & Georgia season 1 stars Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey as the respective titular characters, a teenage girl and her mother who move to Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Previously, they lived in Texas but decided to start anew after Georgia’s husband suddenly passed away. Ginny recalls her life experiences via voiceover narration and becomes increasingly frustrated by her mother’s repeated lies about the past. Still, she maintains a hopeful attitude while building a new circle of friends known as “MANG.” When Georgia’s sister and ex-boyfriend show up in Wellsbury, she’s forced to own up to her life decisions, but still hides a few secrets from her new boyfriend, Mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter).

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The Ginny & Georgia season 1 finale doesn’t necessarily provide any major reveals but rather reinforces what has already been established. It’s heavily suggested in the Netflix series that Howey’s character killed her ex-husband and that she may be involved with the disappearance of her first husband. What’s important, it seems, is how Georgia’s behavior will affect the immediate future of Ginny, who spontaneously (and secretly) leaves town with her younger brother. Here’s what to expect for Ginny & Georgia season 2.

Ginny & Georgia season 1 premiered on February 24, 2021, so Netflix will probably make a renewal/cancellation decision within three to six weeks after the release date. There are some obvious narrative flaws that critics have pointed out, but there’s plenty to enjoy for casual streamers, whether it’s the high school-themed storyline or Howey’s lead performance as the devious Georgia. Plus, all of the pop culture references will certainly appeal to Netflix subscribers as well. Expect Ginny & Georgia season 2 to be greenlit in April 2021.

Ginny & Georgia season 1 features an ensemble cast that mostly consists of up-and-coming performers and TV veterans. So, with the absence of an A-list mainstream star, there shouldn’t be any major scheduling conflicts if Netflix wants to produce new episodes during the second half of 2021. Ginny & Georgia season 2 will most likely release in February 2022.

Life becomes especially difficult for Ginny during the last two episodes of Ginny & Georgia season 1. Her father Zion suddenly appears and reveals that he wants to move the entire family to Boston, only to then backtrack after realizing that Georgia has strong feelings for Paul. Ginny also cheats on her boyfriend Hunter with neighbor Marcus and seems entirely confused about what she really wants. So when Ginny learns that Georgia has been forging documents associated with her younger brother Austin, she decides that it’s finally time to leave.

Ginny and Austin most likely went to Boston to stay with Zion, who will presumably re-locate to Wellsbury because he knows that his daughter wants to be with her friends. In Ginny & Georgia season 2 on Netflix, more people from the past will probably emerge, and Georgia will be forced to explain some of her past decisions. With Zion back in town, he’ll likely want to reconnect with Georgia, which will naturally lead to conflict with Paul. Ginny & Georgia season 1 ends with the focal teenager implying that she has to “keep running,” but everything suggests that she’ll return to Wellsbury in Ginny & Georgia season 2 and reunite with her “MANG” allies.

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