Watch: Sir Keir Starmer ordered by furious landlord to leave pub during walkabout 

Sir Keir Starmer was on Monday ordered to leave a pub in Bath by its landlord, after he accused the Labour leader of “failing this country” over his support for lockdown restrictions.

In a tense exchange while on a visit to the city, the Labour leader was confronted by landlord Rod Humphris, who said he was “truthfully incandescent” over the party’s alleged failure to “ask the real questions”.

After speaking in the street, Sir Keir attempted to enter Mr Humphris’s pub, prompting the landlord to try to enter and ask him to leave. 

He was held back by a man, believed to be one of Sir Keir’s security personnel, who he accused of “assault”, before shouting: “You are not allowed in my pub. That man is not allowed in my pub. Get out of my pub.”

The row came after Mr Humphris asked Sir Keir if he knew what the average age of death was from Covid-19, before claiming it was 82 years and three months. He added that the average was normally 81 years. 

He added: “Do you understand that we have f—– our economy, because old people are dying?”

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