Vaccine appointments canceled after the wrong people got into the system

COVID-Check Colorado is a philanthropic group helping with the COVID vaccine rollout. They canceled 1,100 appointments after people who are too young were scheduled.

DENVER — COVIDCheck Colorado, a social benefit enterprise, is helping with the vaccine rollout. It works with vaccine providers to schedule appointments.

Thursday, the group canceled 1,135 appointments after realizing people were able to get scheduled despite being ineligible under the state’s current vaccination phase.

A spokeswoman told 9NEWS that after analyzing each registration to determine an individual’s eligibility, they canceled appointments made by people who disclosed an age under 60 or had not disclosed other current eligibility criteria. 

Those people were moved to a pre-registration list, used for pre-screening questions ahead of scheduling.

In an e-mail, COVIDCheck Colorado said:

“COVIDCheck Colorado makes every effort to ensure that those eligible to receive the vaccine can access doses as they become available. To achieve this we work in partnership with our healthcare providers to send personalized registration links to their eligible patients as well as eligible participants who sign up on our pre-registry list. 

Through careful monitoring of registrations on Thursday, we noticed a significant uptick in vaccine appointments scheduled, and the registration team quickly analyzed each registration to determine individuals’ eligibility. As a result, we canceled 1,135 appointments made by people who disclosed an age under 60 and or who had not disclosed other current eligibility criteria. Those who did not appear to meet any of the current eligibility criteria were moved to our pre-registration list so that we could invite them to schedule an appointment when they become eligible.”

According to COVIDCheck Colorado, they were able to trace the increase in registrations back to one specific registration link, though the organization is still looking into what happened.

The group did not cancel or reschedule appointments for people who are eligible to receive the vaccine.

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