Use Kyle’s woodpile as your January digital calendar

2021. Finally.

DENVER — The impossible finally happened. 2020 came to a close, and January 2021 is here!

If you’re anything like us, you spent most of the last year unsure of what month it was, let alone the day of the week. We don’t know what the next year has in store, but the least we can do is help you keep track of time.

So, we created digital backgrounds to use on all of your tech devices. They, of course, include Kyle Clark’s woodpile.


NOTE: The background may still require some pinching and sizing to fit your device.

On the topic of 2021, what are you most looking forward to this year? A viewer named Michael wrote in on the first of the month to tell us he’s ready for more ways to give through the Word of Thanks micro-giving campaign, which collected more than $2 million in 2020 for various nonprofits doing great work in Colorado. That project won’t go anywhere anytime soon, so stay tuned for a new group every Wednesday.

Otherwise, it’s likely we’re all hoping for more togetherness, cooperation and joy in 2021. These are Kyle’s wishes for the new year:

1. Once you feel safe to do so, where’s the first place you want to travel to?

The first place I’ll go is to take my daughter to meet her grandparents for the first time.

2. What are you most hopeful for this year?

I’m hoping more Americans will give up on dangerous conspiracy theories.

3. Do you have a mantra for 2021?

Does it have carbs? I probably can’t eat it.

4. What’s The Most Colorado Thing you’re looking forward to again?

The Most Colorado Thing I’m looking forward to is The Great American Beer Festival.

5. What will you take with you from 2020 into 2021?

I’ll keep looking for ways to help our neighbors through Word of Thanks. It’s what kept me going in 2020.

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