Timo Werner exclusive: My confidence was gone but I will never hide

Chelsea fans demonstrated their appreciation of Werner in the last home game of the season, for which 8,000 supporters were allowed into Stamford Bridge, by singing his name to the tune of Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough.

That support put an extra spring in his step and Werner is adamant that he will not look to leave Chelsea this summer, even though the club will attempt to sign a new striker.

“I heard the fans singing a song for me and that gives me a lot of power and I think that’s what you miss in the times where you have difficult periods where you don’t score,” said Werner. “That helped me a lot and it really gave me a push in the game. I thought it was much easier to run, to go into duels, to keep the ball, to try to score. Of course, it gave me that little bit of power that maybe I had lost in the last few months.”

Asked if he wants to stay at Chelsea, Werner replied: “Of course. In terms of scoring and missing chances, it was the worst season. But in the end I still have 27 goal contributions. I think I’m the first in our team for that, so it was not everything bad and I don’t think about leaving the club this year, for sure not. 

“And also for the next year because I think we have a very good team and I hope to come back to scoring and that I can do everything that’s expected of me.”

Werner is careful not to say that winning the Champions League would make up for all his missed chances, but it would write his place into Chelsea history and offer a different perspective on his first season at the club.

“That would be the best ending of the season, for me, to win this trophy,” said Werner. “I don’t care if I score at the weekend if we win. Yes, I help the team and if I score, I’m very, very happy. If not, then I try to give my best to make maybe an assist for another guy. But, at the end, we have one goal, to win this final, to win this trophy because it’s the biggest trophy in Europe and everybody wants it. 

“I don’t want to say the rest (of the season) would not mean anything anymore, but, yeah, at the end when you win this cup, I think no fan or no supporter would say, ‘ah, but this guy had a bad season’. No, at the end, they say, ‘we won the Champions League and this is a f****** great team’.”

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