The King in Black Just Tore Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero in Half

Warning! Spoilers for Marvel’s King in Black event below!

Knull has finally arrived and he just showed how powerful he truly is. The God of Symbiotes has been teased as the next big threat for Marvel’s heroes for a long time, but once he touched down on Earth, the King in Black made a statement by killing Marvel Comics’ most powerful hero in gruesome fashion: Sentry.

Marvel has been teasing Knull’s arrival for more than a year, as the all-powerful villain who’s responsible for the creation of symbiotes and widespread death across the galaxy was going to be one of the biggest threats Venom, the Avengers, and other heroes have ever faced. In Marvel’s new event, King in Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get the call that the King in Black and his legion of symbiote dragons have come on the scene and they put all hands on deck to fight against the monster.

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After evacuating the city, the Avengers quickly find themselves in trouble as Knull’s dragons explode to cover everything in symbiote. After sending waves to fight off the heroes, the King in Black summons Celestials covered in symbiotes, as he emerges from one of them to tell the Avengers he’s going to kill their world and that he is looking for Dylan Brock. Knowing they need help, the Avengers call in Sentry, Marvel’s most powerful hero.  Sentry causes some major damage against a symbiote celestial before Knull grabs him out of midair. After calling him out for previously taking down Carnage, Knull rips Sentry in half and absorbs the Void – the darkest part of Sentry’s massive power.

The scene is completely shocking. Sentry is an absolute powerhouse. While his massive, near-immeasurable power of millions of exploding suns is unpredictable as he can slip into the darkness of the Void, he’s shown the ability to rip Gods in half himself. So, for Marvel’s God of Symbiotes to pull the same move on him showcases just how powerful Knull really is. The Avengers thought Sentry would be their ace in the hole but are all shocked to see Knull easily take him down. After killing Sentry, Knull successfully envelops the Earth in symbiotes, while blocking the sun and shrouding Earth in darkness.

The King in Black’s arrival has been teased for so long and been majorly hyped, but still, the issue proves to be worth the wait. Knull absolutely destroys the Avengers and kills their most powerful hero with relative ease. Stopping him is going to prove very difficult, as the King in Black has shown that he might be the strongest being in the entire universe and that even the most powerful hero will struggle to take him down.

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