Spoilers and Preview: Big Brother Season 23 Episode 7 (Article Ready)

Big Brother Season 23 has started a while ago on CBS, and we are finally reaching its episode 7. It should be known by you guys that this show first started airing on our screens back on the 7th of July 2021. CBS has the right to air the episodes in America, while Global does it for the people in Canada. Also, we see that the series focuses on a group of contestants who are popularly termed as the HouseGuests. The group is required to live in the house together while getting filmed all the time.

These people do not have access or communication to the world outside as they are trying to compete to be the last one to remain in the house. Every week, we see that the people are trying to compete in the various challenges set for them. These are the games which for power as well as safety, and at the end of each week, they will vote each other out of the house. Now, here is the best part about the series. When there are just two people left on the show, it is seen that the HouseGuests who have previously been sent home are the ones who decide the winner of the game.

This winner will win the prize of 750,000 US dollars. Previously, this amount was set to just 250,000 US dollars. Given the fact that season 23 has already reached halfway through it, there is a lot to know about the show still. Thus, here we have wrapped up all the information you guys might need about the future of the series.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 7 Release Date and Recap

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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 7 Release Date

Big Brother season 23 episode 7 release date is on the 22nd of July 2021. This episode will be titled Episode 7 only. It is scheduled to drop out on CBS as well as Global. For further details, you guys should keep in mind that there is no regular schedule of the show dor its air, and the episodes roll out after every two days. Now, if you guys are wondering about where you can watch the show, then we have got you covered. The first and the easiest method to do so is by tuning into CBS if you live in the United States or Global if you reside in Canada.

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You will need to tune your television into these channels at the designated date and will find your episode airing. Now, if you have cut the cable cords, then there is also away. You guys can hop over to the official website of CBS All Access and will find your episode dropped in a few hours after its original air. But you will have valid cable login credentials to do so. YouTube TV lets you access all your favorite episodes live as they air, but only if you have a subscription to the platform. As of right now, there are no such spoilers known about the new episode.


Previously on Big Brother season 23, we saw that Kyland has won. And the HouseGuests, on the other hand, are trying to figure out who has been rogue voting all this time. Now, the vote that Tiffany did for Alyssa happened to be a result of the deal she made with Frenchie. It was to know if she could trust him for further deals or not. On the other hand, Frenchie was in the mood to frame Derek X this time. On Day 10, we saw that Frenchie was selected with Beret as well as Sarah Beth to be a part of the BB Flying Colors.

As you guys might already know, it is a Wildcard competition. For this event, these three competitors were handed several colorful images. Later, when the competition started, the trio was questioned personally regarding these pictures. The answer to these questions was color as well. The House Guest who would reach three points at the very starting shall be named as the winner. We saw Sarah Beth winning this round against her two competitors.

This is why she was given full immunity, but it was for a condition. She would have to switch her team with one of the already immune members of Kyland, that is, Claire or Tiffany. Things just got too dramatic at this point. But finally, Sarah Beth just decided not to take up this offer and rather remain without immunity.

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