Police, FBI search for a missing baby at her father’s pond in Eastern Kentucky

Police, FBI search for a missing baby at her father’s pond in Eastern Kentucky

The search for a missing infant who disappeared weeks ago has led the FBI and multiple police agencies to her father’s pond in Eastern Kentucky.

Huntington police, Kentucky State Police and the FBI were on scene at the pond in Carter County, according to city officials in Huntington, W. Va. The pond is on property owned by Shannon Overstreet, the father of missing 3-month-old Angel Nichole Overstreet who hasn’t been seen since May 8, according to police.

Shannon Overstreet was in jail Wednesday morning because he’d previously been arrested on charges unrelated to his daughter’s disappearance, according to a spokesperson for the city of Huntington, including its police department.

“At this point, no one has been eliminated as a suspect in the disappearance of Angel,” city spokesperson Bryan Chambers said in a statement Wednesday.

Overstreet, 38, was arrested on May 24 on charges of malicious wounding, battery and illegally possessing a firearm, according to jail records. He was being held in the Cabell County jail. WSAZ in West Virginia previously reported that Overstreet allegedly attacked his mother. He was accused of dragging her by her hair, hitting her several times and causing her to suffer a “significant” brain bleed, according to a criminal complaint accessed by the TV station.

Police publicly announced they were searching for Angel on May 25 after West Virginia Child Protective Services discovered the child was unaccounted for.

Child Protective Services had contacted Overstreet on May 24 to “follow-up” with him regarding custody issues, which stemmed from Kentucky, police said.

“The child’s mother was not co-habitating with Mr. Overstreet, but the child was last known to be with Mr. Overstreet,” Huntington Police Chief Ray Cornwell told reporters at a news conference on May 26.

But Overstreet said he hadn’t seen his daughter in weeks.

“Shannon told them he had turned Angel over to CPS approximately two weeks earlier,” police said. “At this time, investigators are unable to substantiate a custody exchange between Shannon and the two described CPS workers.”

Angel was last known to be with her father on May 1, based on information investigators had obtained from his phone, Cornwell said.

Cornwell said police didn’t put out an Amber Alert on Angel because by the time they found out she was missing, it had already been weeks since she disappeared.

“The Amber Alert system is used to put out information that is fresh, immediate and ongoing,” he told reporters at a news conference. “And by the time the information came to us, the last known contact with the child was over two weeks away.”

Angel was described as having blue eyes and dark-colored hair with a reddish tint, according to police. She also had a strawberry-shaped mark on the back of her neck.

Anyone with information regarding Angel’s whereabouts was asked to immediately call 911. Anyone with general information about the case was asked to call the Huntington police’s Criminal Investigations Bureau at 304-696-4420.

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