Man accused of threatening Pelosi facing federal charges after traveling to DC from Colorado for Capitol riots

Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. was arrested Thursday, and faces a charge related to a reported threat towards Speaker Pelosi and weapons charges.

WASHINGTON — A man who was arrested Thursday is facing federal charges after traveling from Colorado to Washington, D.C. and making a threat toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.), according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

The complaint says Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. was arrested in Washington, D.C. and faces the following charges:

  • Transmitting a threat in interstate commerce
  • Possession of an unregistered firearm
  • unlawful possession of amination

According to court documents, the FBI received information on Thursday that the suspect, later identified as Meredith, had recently sent a text message stating: 

“Thinking about heading over to Pelosi C***’s speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV [purple devil emoji].”

FBI agents determined Meredith was staying at a Holiday Inn located at 550 C Street SW, and made contact with him, the document says.

Meredith allowed agents to search his hotel room, Ford truck, a trailer that can attach to the truck and his cell phone, according to the document.

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After agents advised Meredith of his Miranda rights, the court document says he agreed to speak without a lawyer present.

Meredith said he arrived in Washington, D.C. from Colorado on Wednesday for the rally after originally planning to arrive on Tuesday, and ended up getting there too late to participate in the rally outside the U.S. Capitol building, the document says.

It is not clear if Meredith is from Colorado, or was just visiting.

Meredith also told agents he had two guns in his truck, and court documents say he knew he was not supposed to have guns in Washington, D.C. so he moved them into his trailer.

Meredith also told agents he previously visited Washington, D.C. in November for a rally, and also attended a protest outside the residence of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, according to the document.

While agents were looking into Meredith, the court document says they noticed text messages on Jan. 6 and 7, including the one threatening Pelosi.

The other text messages sent by Meredith say the following, according to the FBI’s statement of facts:

  • “I’m trying but currently stuck in Cambridge, OH with trailer lights being fixed, crappers.”
  • “Just fixed…headed to DC with a s*** ton of 5.56 armor piercing ammo [purple devil emoji].”
  • The other participant replied: “That comment you made about Pelosi, what the fuck are you thinking. Get real nephew.” 
  • The suspect replied: “Psychological warfare.  I’ve been on the radar for a while now, they now I’m harmless.”

Meredith was using a cell tour in Washington D.C. when the texts were sent on Thursday, the document says.

Agents also observed a separate text conversation on Jan. 7 that went as follows, according to the statement of facts:

  • Meredith wrote: “How much u give me to go trench the Capital lawn with ma big truk?”
  • The other participant replied: “Don’t do it.”
  • Meredith replied:  “I’m gonna run that C*** Pelosi over while she chews on her gums.”
  • Later, Meredith wrote: “Dead B**** Walking.  I predict that within 12 days, many in our country will die.”
  • Meredith then texted a photo of himself wearing a black face covering and wrote: “I’m gonna walk around DC FKG with people by yelling “Allahu ak Bar” randomly.”
  • The other participate said later:  “Cleve, be careful! I’m worried about you.”
  • Meredith replied: “Lol, jus havin fun. My Spy name is: DoubleODips***.”
  • The other participant replied: “Tat’s funny.”
  • Meredith replied: “Locked in my hotel room…high [smiley face with hearts emoji].”  

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During the search of the hotel room, the court document says agents seized a suspected box of THC edibles and a vial of Testosterone Cypionate/Propionate.

The document also says that after getting consent, agents search Meredith’s trailer and found a Glock 19 nine-millimeter pistol, a Tavor X95 assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

A records check done by the Metropolitan Police Department on Friday showed the suspect did not possess a registration for any firearm in Washington, D.C., according to the document.

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