Jose Canseco Wants to Defend Daughter’s Honor By Beating Up Logan Paul

Logan Paul has certainly built up a list of prospective candidates to fight him in professional boxing. However, one unlikely candidate is former MLB player Jose Canseco, who has recently pitched his name to take the YouTuber on mano-a-mano.

Paul has engaged in professional boxing bouts over the years, compiling a record of 0-1-1. In his next fight, he is set to face off against the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. After that fight, there will be plenty of other prospects for the controversial YouTube celebrity to target. Logan Paul recently took to social media to issue a challenge to Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. Paul wants to get in the ring with “Thor.” However, it seems that Paul’s ex-girlfriend’s daddy Jose Canseco would like to jump the queue and fight Paul ahead of the Marvel actor.

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Jose Canseco did an interview with Sports Talk Chicago, where he talked about Paul’s former relationship with his daughter Josie Canseco. He said, “I actually met him when my daughter and Logan came down to Vegas. He seemed like a very nice young kid to me, a little bit on the arrogant side. But, then all of the sudden they broke up. I gotta give you the final details, they will come up. But you know, it left me with a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I’m putting myself in position to fight him after [the Mayweather fight].” Jose Canseco and Logan Paul previously exchanged jabs on Twitter, around the time when the split between Paul and daughter Josie occurred (see one tweet below):

Canseco is a former MLB slugger who amassed 462 home runs over the course of his 16-year career. Canseco admitted to taking anabolic steroids during his time in the MLB. He also formerly competed in mixed martial arts, ultimately losing to Hong Man Choi by way of knockout. For context, Choi is a famous Korean martial artist who stands at a whopping  7 feet and 2 inches! Meanwhile, the ball player is said to have hired a management team to handle his social media and arrange a fight with Paul. It seems Canseco is not messing around when it comes to his daughter’s honor. He is intent on facing Logan Paul in a boxing match. Canseco is now 56 years old and the MLB retiree still appears to be in great shape. He weighs well over 200 pounds, making him a good match for Paul’s physique (Logan Paul weighs 220 pounds).

Logan Paul has had his fair share of romances over the years so it’s only natural that he’s rubbed a few fathers the wrong way. Logan and Josie were reported to have been dating until December of 2020 and broke up after only a month. It will be interesting to see what happens between Paul and Jose Canseco. Fans will have to wait for more drama before the full story is finally unearthed.

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