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In this post, we will discuss the dub version of Haikyuu Season 3. Haikyuu is a popular sports and comedy anime based on the manga series by Haruichi Furudate, who is both the writer and the illustrator. The manga premiered on 6 April 2014 and became one of the most well-praised anime with high ratings everywhere. However, the third season of Haikyuu received even better critical acclaim and is the 20th most popular overall anime series in My Anime List. The series premiered on 8 October 2016 and ended on 10 December 2016. Unlike the first two seasons that had 25 episodes, season 3 only had 10 episodes.

While the production quickly released the dub versions of seasons 1 and 2, it took several years for the dub of season 3 to be released. Even though fans of the anime had already watched the season 3 sub after not being able to keep up with the suspense for so long, they were still waiting for a dub version to rewatch the season. Sentai Filmworks dubs all the seasons of the anime, and they licensed the third season in 2019.

What is the Series All About?

Karasuno High School Volleyball Team

The series follows the story of Shoyo Hinata, who is below the average height, yet dreams of becoming a famous volleyball player after watching a match on television and admires the Karason’s ace, who is also short but has excellent skills in the game. He is nicknamed “The Tiny Giant” and his team played in the nationals. In middle school, Hinata starts to learn volleyball and somehow manages to make a team with players of different games. After a crushing defeat in their first match, Hinata takes admission to Kurasuno High School, his idol’s alumni.

However, when he joins the volleyball club, he meets Tobio Kageyama, the setter of the middle school that defeats Hinata’s team. The two didn’t get along at first but settle their differences due to their captain Daichi’s strict demeanor. However, their problems don’t end there. Karasuno didn’t produce a great team in the five years since the team of The Tiny Giant graduated. Once one of the powerhouses in Miyagi Prefecture, the school is now called the “Wingless Crows” for their constant defeats. Now, with Hinata, Kageyama, and two new first years, the team revives their motivation and aims for the nationals.

What Took Place in Season 3?

Haikyuu Season 3 Dub

Hinata’s and Kageyama’s Surprising Quick Attack Before the Match

Following Shoyo Hinata’s struggles as a short volleyball player, the third season featured the Miyagi Prefecture finals between Shiratorizawa and Karasuno High. The entire season starts revolves around the intense match between the two teams, with the players finding their new strengths and reviving their passion for the game. As the “wingless crows”, Karasuno had very little support and everyone believed that Shiratorizawa would have an easy victory. The finals had a long five-set game, where Shiratorizawa easily crushed Karasuno in the first set with a score of 16-25.

One of the main reasons for this defeat was Shiratorizawa’s ace player, Ushijima. He is a left-handed spiker whose spike leads the ball to rotate in the opposite direction, giving little chance for Karasuno’s libero Nishinoya to receive it. With his left-handed spikes combined with his height and power, Ushijima ranks the third-best spike in Japan. Not only that, by the next set, another incredible player, Tendou Satori reveals his true skills. He is a middle blocker nicknamed “The Guessing Monster” because of his accurate read-blocking skills.

Haikyuu Season 3 dub

Tsukishima Blocks Ushijima’s Spike

In the middle of the set, while Karasuno still struggles with Ushijima’s spikes, Tsukishima manages to accurately pinpoint one of Ushijima’s spikes and block it with a kill-block. This shocked the audiences and players of both teams, as there are only a few blockers in the country who are capable of completely shutting down his spikes. This boosts the team’s morale and they won the second set.

During the third set, Shiratorizawa’s setter Shirabu revealed his backstory and admiration for Ushijima. The set ended quickly with Karasuno’s defeat. However, they won the fourth set due to Hinata’s surprising left-hand attack. Down to the fifth and final set, the match became more intense than ever. The last set has a match point of 15 and Karasuno won with Hinata’s spike, making a set score of 19-21. The season ends with Karasuno celebrating their victory and preparing for Spring Nationals.

Haikyuu Season 3 Dub

Shoyo Hinata Wins the Medal With the Rest of the Team

Where to Watch Haikyuu Season 3 Dub?

The sub of the third season is available on many websites, including Netflix. However, currently, the Haikyuu Season 3 dub is available only on HiDive. The website became streaming the dub episodes in November 2019 and finished in 2020. Hulu licensed the season 3 dub for a short while. However, the website recently removed it, making HiDive the only official streaming platform with the dub of the third season. However, we can hope Netflix to license the dub. Since it already streams the dub of seasons 1 and 2, along with the sub of seasons 3 and 4.

Stream Dub 

Stream Sub

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