Green Lantern TV Show May Begin Filming Next Year

HBO Max’s Green Lantern show is looking to finally start production in 2021 as the new streaming platform joins the DC TV bandwagon. Greg Berlanti, best known as the creator of the Arrowverse, is taking his DC business to the next level. As part of his overall deal with Warner Bros. TV, Berlanti is set to produce a number of DC shows for the new HBO streaming service, starting with the upcoming Green Lantern series. Having tackled the Green Lantern universe before with the 2011 film, the busy TV/film producer is now getting a new chance to play with the Emerald Knight and to do it his way, unlike the Ryan Reynolds film.

The show recently took a huge step forwards as HBO Max, after announcing its development in late 2019, gave Green Lantern a series order. The first season will consist of 10 episodes, with Seth Grahame-Smith attached as the showrunner. The highly anticipated show will break new ground for DC TV as it’ll be the first show to take place in space, mostly. While no actor has been hired yet, Green Lantern will have a huge cast of characters that exist in the large mythology, from Alan Scott, the first Emerald Knight, to Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Guy Gardner, as well as long-time Lanterns Sinestro and Kilowog.

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Following the series pick-up, The Illuminerdi has revealed what the time table is looking like for Green Lantern. According to their report, production is looking to start sometime in April 2021 on its 10-episode season. A huge detail that they also disclosed was that the HBO Max drama will actually be filming in Los Angeles. When it comes to Berlanti’s Arrowverse shows, most of them have been filming in Vancouver, Canada, since 2012, starting with Arrow. Some of Berlanti’s other DC dramas that he’s a producer on, like Titans, Doom Patrol, Black Lightning, and Stargirl have been filming in Toronto, Canada, as well as Atlanta, Georgia, respectively.

This will be the first time since Supergirl season 1 (before moving to The CW) that one of Berlanti’s DC shows have chosen to film in Los Angeles. While it’s not a full-on Arrowverse spin-off per se, Green Lantern is set in the Arrowverse Multiverse. This was confirmed in Crisis on Infinite Earths after the new Multiverse was revealed, including the reveal that Green Lantern is taking place on Earth-12. Another Arrow connection, besides Berlanti, is the addition of Arrowverse co-creator Marc Guggenheim who is a writer on the new show. Given that they’re aiming to start filming in April 2021, it’s possible that Green Lantern premieres at the end of next year.

It also all comes down to where the world is at with the global pandemic that has caused huge issues for TV and film productions. Despite working under new health guidelines, several productions have had to stop filming as soon as they’ve confirmed COVID-19 cases within their cast or crews. Something that Green Lantern benefits from is the fact that they’ll likely be filming a lot inside studios with a lot of green-and-blue screens, given that it’s a heavy sci-fi series. With casting underway for some of the characters like Guy GardnerGreen Lantern is starting to come together following its series pick-up.

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