Detroit pastor welcomes vaccine, but gets concerns

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A Detroit pastor says he welcomes the new coronavirus vaccines, but understands why members of his congregation have concerns (Dec. 9)

Video Transcript

CHARLES WILLIAMS II: This country has a long, bad history with health care and its treatment of Blacks in America.

But they’ve got everything they need.

Policymakers and the health-care industry is going to have to really work hard to make sure that they open up opportunities to build trust, to extend this vaccine to folks in the community because there is basically a mistrust of the industry all together.

LINDA VAIL: We just got to get people to get that vaccine, don’t we?

I do anticipate that there will be resistance. There will be– call it vaccine hesitancy. And there’s going to be a number of reasons for that.

CHARLES WILLIAMS II: I have decided that I’ll be one of the first in line when it comes to taking the vaccine as soon as it’s available.

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