Best mobile phone deals in the Black Friday 2020 UK sales, from iPhone 11 to Samsung Galaxy S20 and SIM-free offers

Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 is a brilliant phone, and a perfect choice for people who aren’t obsessed with high-end tech, as it’s not all that different from the iPhone 11 Pro. The 11 comes with a two camera array (while the 11 Pro has three outer cameras), has a slightly smaller battery, less-deep waterproofing, and is made of aluminium rather than stainless steel. 

Indeed, the average person doesn’t care about any of those features, so if you’re an iPhone obsessive, the 11 is a great choice with a flawless screen, beautiful camera, and plenty of colours to choose from – red, white, green, purple, orange and yellow. 

Contract£27.99 per month, £99 upfront, from Carphone Warehouse

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2. Samsung Galaxy S20

Was £799, now £675 from Amazon

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